LimpidMarket makes your life easier when it comes to choosing the right payment provider. Our service makes it possible to compare the fees and features of multiple payment solutions in a matter of minutes.
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On the comparison page, clicking on the sign up link will take you to a sign-up page where you will be asked to provide information about your business. This information will then be sent on to the provider you selected which will then get in touch with you to seal the deal. You chose to sign up with a provider not affiliated with LimpidMarket:

When clicking on the sign up link, you will be redirected to the provider’s website where you will be able to apply for their product.
We will never sell or trade your contact details and personal information. The only time we will ever communicate your information to a third party is when you decide to sign-up with one of our partners. The information will be used by our partner (the one you selected) to get in touch with you and to prepare the paperwork.
LimpidMarket does not make money by selling your personal information. We get paid a small fee when you decide to sign-up with one of our partners.
LimpidMarket currently operates in the United Kingdom and in France. The service will soon be available in most of Europe.
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